Spoiled Wife, Free Wife

Hotwifing was our first consensually non-monogamous sexual experience was when we started in the swinger lifestyle. I can say that I was one of the first men to allow my wife to meet alone with a gentleman, obviously chosen first by her and approved in-person by both of them. Those years in Cancun, it was very discreet to go out with swinger couples; no one was completely open to exploring. They were our days on Messenger, where we wrote, but no couples agreed to send a photo. When I decided that it was her moment, she started looking through Facebook, Messenger, and local swinger sites with a liberal passion, but she did not find the ideal character. In my spare time, I kept exploring the internet until I came across a page about which certain good-level couples spoke so much — SDC. I looked for our bull, but even with so many test profiles, nothing worked. She then found a single man from Playa del Carmen. It was then that I gave her the freedom to meet him on Messenger, talk, and see how far we could go with it.

Meeting Our Bull in Cancun

My excitement was so great that I myself proposed to my wife to meet him in a bar in Cancun and see what could be done. Of course, she agreed. The hours passed and between beer and drinks, I was more anxious to see her in the arms of another. The talk was pleasant and the beers were half-sipped. I know she was nervous, but I knew what she was proposing to me when the guest left for the bathroom. “Take the opportunity,” I tell her. “It’s time. Let’s go to a hotel. I can leave you with him, and I will be on the corner. I’ll just wait for your call to know that you are okay.” It was two hours of nervous excitement. She was in a hotel with another man while I waited in the car a block away. 

When he finally called me, they were about to go down to the lobby. I accelerated and parked at the entrance of the hotel, and they left. She was talking and smiling, and it gave me peace, knowing that she is well and in good hands. In the end, they said goodbye, and he kindly said goodbye to me. Once we were settled in the car, I asked her to tell me how it was, what they did, how he felt, and what it was like. They were the details I was waiting for when we got home and made love — hard and with desire.

Those experiences were unique — a wife with total freedom, love, and complicity; however, I could not call it cuckold or stag. It is still one of my best experiences in the lifestyle, and how I continue today, putting it to the test.

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