Championship Game Gangbang

The wife (Jen) and I (Andy) were playing in a Volleyball Four’s Coed tournament at a nearby nudist resort, and we had filled the team out with two of our close friends, Jeff and Brandon. We had made it to the championship match of the tournament, and we were playing against another team with a couple that we had played against multiple times at different tournaments, and I knew Jen was not a fan of either of them. We had not gotten off to a good start in the championship game, and we were behind by a few points early when Jeff called a timeout for us to chill and try to come together and get back in the game.

We were all huddled up and grabbing a drink with not much being said when Jen came out and said, “guys, we can’t lose to these two. I can’t stand them. You guys get your act together, and we beat these guys, and I’ll do all three of you tonight.” I think all three of us guys were stunned. Jeff and Brandon looked at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “I guess we better win.”

And Win, They Did!

We came out of the huddle and began to play a lot better. We got back in the game, and it was 24-23 (game point) when the other team called their last timeout. We all grabbed a drink and huddled up. We were 1 point away from winning the championship. Before we broke the huddle, Jeff said, “one more point, Jen,” with a big smile on his face. We went out and won the next point to win the championship 25-23.

We were all excited afterward, and hugs and high-fives were given freely. We received our medals, and all went to sit down to rest. We were sitting there, and Jen said, “Andy and I are heading home to shower and clean up. You two guys can come over about 9 tonight for your reward for kicking their ass.” Jen and I got in the car and headed home.

Her Offer Still Stands

I looked over at her, sitting in the passenger seat, and asked her if she was sure about this. She looked at me and said, “I made the statement during the game. I’m not going back on my offer. You three all stepped up and played great and beat those assholes and won the championship. I will now pay off my debt. You just enjoy it.”

We got home, showered, cleaned up, had a snack, and both had a couple of glasses of wine. It was almost 9 pm by this time, and the guys would be showing up soon. Jen took her glass of wine and headed to the bedroom to get ready. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, Jeff and Brandon were both standing there with big smiles on their faces.

Do They Like What They See?

I invited them in and offered them both a beer. They both accepted and took a seat on each end of the couch as I sat in the recliner across from them. We sat and talked for a few minutes when Jen came walking down the hallway with nothing on but a red lace bra and a matching red thong. All three of us guys turned, and our jaws dropped to the floor. Jen made her way over to the couch and sat down between Jeff and Brandon. They were still stunned and said nothing. Jen finally said, “You like what you see, guys?” Finally, Brandon chimed in with, “Wow!”

Jen leaned over and gave him a big kiss on the lips. While Jen was leaning over, kissing Brandon, Jeff reached out and grabbed her ass. It was on from there. Jen started unzipping Brandon’s pants. Jeff started taking his pants off. All of a sudden, Jen was sitting on the couch in her red lace lingerie between two of our friends that were totally naked. I was sitting in the recliner across from them, stunned at what I was watching.

An Unforgettable Scene

Jen got on her hands and knees in the middle of the couch and was licking Brandon’s cock and balls with Jeff sitting behind her rubbing her ass with both hands. Jeff quickly got Jen’s bra off and then pulled her thong off. Jen was quickly getting Brandon’s BBC to stand to attention as she started sucking on his growing cock. Jeff had already had a finger in Jen’s now very wet pussy as she started to moan on Brandon’s cock. Jeff continued to finger Jen for a while as she now had Brandon up to his 10+ inches of manhood. Jeff then put his face down in Jen’s ass and started licking her pussy and ass. Now, Jen is not normally a huge fan of anything anal, so as Jeff was licking her asshole, I was interested to see how this went. Jen didn’t seem to pull away or hesitate at all to Jeff’s attention to her ass.

Jeff continued to lick Jen’s asshole while fingering her pussy while Jen was trying her best to take as much of Brandon’s 10+ inches in her mouth as possible when she started shaking and had her first of many orgasms of the night as Jeff licked and fingered her. Finally, Jeff let up his assault on Jen’s holes, and she pulled her mouth off of Brandon for a short reprieve while she caught her breath. I decided that it was time for me to disrobe and become more of a player and less of a spectator.

Andy Joins the Game

We let Jen rest, and then we all three escorted Jen down the hall to our king-size bed. We lay Jen down on the bed, and all three climbed on beside her. We knelt on our knees around Jen’s head as she lay there with three cocks within reach of her very ready mouth. She reached out and took Brandon’s BBC in her left hand and my 7-inch cock in her right hand while turning her head and trying to take Jeff’s 6-inch, Coke-can-thick cock in her mouth.

Jen worked for a while, taking turns with all three cocks in her hands and mouth when Jeff grabbed Jen and turned her over on her hands and knees. Jeff proceeded to climb behind Jen and line up his cock at the lips of her dripping wet pussy, while Brandon positioned himself at Jen’s mouth. I sat beside Jen, rubbing her rock-hard nipples. Jeff slowly inserted his thick shaft into Jen as she let out a slow moan. Jeff pushed all 6 thick inches into Jen. I could tell by her moans that he was stretching her out. Jeff was thick. Jeff began to increase the pace, and Jen began to moan louder until Brandon stuck his BBC in her mouth and shut her up. There I was, rubbing and pinching my wife’s nipples while she was on her hands and knees with a thick 6-inch cock plowing her stretched pussy and a 10-inch BBC in her mouth.

One Down, Two to Go

Jeff quickened the pace, and I could tell he was about to explode. I was waiting for him to pull out or Jen to say something when Jeff, with one final hard push, started releasing his seed into Jen’s pussy. Jen pulled off of Brandon’s BBC and started shaking with orgasm number two of the night. Jeff pulled out, and Jen collapsed face-first on the bed. I thought, at that point, that Jen was done after orgasm #2, but I knew that Brandon had not gotten a release yet. I knew I hadn’t, but I was not concerned about myself.

A few minutes later, Jen rolled over and asked for another glass of wine. I poured it for her, half of which she drank immediately, and then she looked at Brandon and said, “I think you might need a turn now.” Jen laid back on the bed and spread her legs while Brandon climbed between them and pointed his 10-inch missile toward Jen’s already cum-leaking pussy. Brandon knew Jen was already well lubed, so he didn’t hesitate. Brandon pushed all 10 inches hard into Jen as she let out a scream that I’m sure the neighbors heard. Brandon flinched at the scream and stopped for a second with half of his BBC still in Jen’s hot pussy. Jen looked at him and asked, “What’s the problem? You gonna pound that pussy or not?” With that, Brandon didn’t hesitate, and inserted all 10 inches, got into a rhythm, and started pounding Jen.

Brandon Gets His

He picked up the pace and had Jen panting after a few minutes. She was laying there with Brandon’s BBC pounding her used pussy while Jeff was just lying there, still recovering from his session, and I laid there just watching my beautiful wife take her first BBC. Brandon started pounding harder, and Jen started a low, continuous moan. I could tell they were both close when Brandon pushed all 10 inches into Jen, and I could tell he was unloading load #2 into Jen’s love tunnel. Jen screamed out orgasm #3 of the night.

At this point, Jeff and Brandon had both unloaded into Jen’s sweet pussy, and I knew Jen had at least three orgasms, so I thought we were all happy (although I was still pent up) and assumed we were all done for the night. We all laid on the bed for a while and recovered. It was now a little after midnight, and it had been quite a night. I rolled over and went to get out of bed when Jen grabbed my hand and said, “Where are you going, honey? We aren’t done yet. The night is young, and you aren’t done.” At that, I crawled back on the bed.

She Gets Them All Back in the Game

I was still semi-hard, and Brandon and Jeff were lying on the bed, both flaccid. Jen went over to both of the guys and started playing with each of them, sucking and licking them back to life. She had both of them back hard when she looked me in the eyes and said, “I want all three of you at once.” Well, I knew what that entailed, and as I said earlier, Jen was not usually a fan of anal play. I asked her what she had in mind, and she said, “Honey, grab the bottle of lube.”

With that, I grabbed the lube and handed it to Jeff. He squirted the bottle on Jen’s ass and started playing with it. He slowly lubed her up, inserted a finger, and started stretching her out and getting her ass primed for use. As Jeff was preparing Jen, she was continuing to get Brandon and me ready. She would take turns licking and playing with both of us as Jeff was stretching her asshole. Jen felt she was ready and positioned everyone where she wanted.

Jen Goes Airtight

She laid Brandon down on the bed on his back. Jen then straddled Brandon’s 10-inch BBC and slowly lowered herself onto his massive tool. When Jen had him inside comfortably, she leaned forward and told me to get behind her. I aligned myself with Jen’s ass, which she had only let me do a couple of times ever, and I slowly slipped into her ass, gently pushing my 7 inches into her while she laid on Brandon with his 10 inches inside her well-used pussy. When we were both situated inside Jen, and she was comfortable with both of us in her ass and pussy, she picked up her head, and Jeff inserted his fireplug into her mouth.

There was Jen, lying on our bed with a cock in all three of her holes. My little slut was full and well-used. Brandon, Jeff, and I tried to hold still and let Jen control the situation. Jen slowly started rocking back and forth on Brandon’s python in her pussy which, in turn, moved my cock inside her ass while trying to keep Jeff’s fireplug in her mouth. Jen slowly got more comfortable, and we all started to help her a little. We got a nice little rhythm going, and Jen started moaning with that fireplug still in her mouth. Well, I hadn’t had a release yet that night, and I knew when Jen started moaning, and my cock was sliding in and out of her ass that I couldn’t last much longer. I started pushing a little harder into her ass, which made Jen moan even louder. I started moaning, and I was about to explode. Jeff and Brandon knew I was about to shoot a load into Jen’s ass, and that got both of them going.

Sweet, Satisfied Cum Slut

Brandon started bucking under Jen, which caused Jen to lose Jeff out of her mouth, and then she suddenly got a lot louder. Jeff grabbed his 6-inch thick cock and started jacking off. I was the first to let go and shot my load into Jen’s tight ass. It felt so good to finally release after 3+ hours. A short time later, Brandon bucked, grabbed Jen’s hips, and pulled her down on him hard as he shot his second load and Jen’s sweet pussy’s third load. Jen then let out a long, exhausted moan with her mouth wide open about the time Jeff jacked off his second load of the night right into Jen’s face and mouth. We had all cum within seconds and loaded all of Jen’s holes with the sweet nectar that she so desired that night.

Jen rolled over on the bed with cum running out of all three holes. There was my slut, well-used and happy. We all collapsed in the bed for the night and didn’t wake up until morning. I awoke to find Jen, Jeff, and Brandon in the shower cleaning off from the night before, but that’s a story for another time.

Spoiled Wife, Free Wife

Hotwifing was our first consensually non-monogamous sexual experience was when we started in the swinger lifestyle. I can say that I was one of the first men to allow my wife to meet alone with a gentleman, obviously chosen first by her and approved in-person by both of them. Those years in Cancun, it was very discreet to go out with swinger couples; no one was completely open to exploring. They were our days on Messenger, where we wrote, but no couples agreed to send a photo. When I decided that it was her moment, she started looking through Facebook, Messenger, and local swinger sites with a liberal passion, but she did not find the ideal character. In my spare time, I kept exploring the internet until I came across a page about which certain good-level couples spoke so much — SDC. I looked for our bull, but even with so many test profiles, nothing worked. She then found a single man from Playa del Carmen. It was then that I gave her the freedom to meet him on Messenger, talk, and see how far we could go with it.

Meeting Our Bull in Cancun

My excitement was so great that I myself proposed to my wife to meet him in a bar in Cancun and see what could be done. Of course, she agreed. The hours passed and between beer and drinks, I was more anxious to see her in the arms of another. The talk was pleasant and the beers were half-sipped. I know she was nervous, but I knew what she was proposing to me when the guest left for the bathroom. “Take the opportunity,” I tell her. “It’s time. Let’s go to a hotel. I can leave you with him, and I will be on the corner. I’ll just wait for your call to know that you are okay.” It was two hours of nervous excitement. She was in a hotel with another man while I waited in the car a block away. 

When he finally called me, they were about to go down to the lobby. I accelerated and parked at the entrance of the hotel, and they left. She was talking and smiling, and it gave me peace, knowing that she is well and in good hands. In the end, they said goodbye, and he kindly said goodbye to me. Once we were settled in the car, I asked her to tell me how it was, what they did, how he felt, and what it was like. They were the details I was waiting for when we got home and made love — hard and with desire.

Those experiences were unique — a wife with total freedom, love, and complicity; however, I could not call it cuckold or stag. It is still one of my best experiences in the lifestyle, and how I continue today, putting it to the test.

Our First Swapping Encounter

It started on a Tuesday. Our sex life had been on point lately, and we kept taking it to the next level. Watching porn together. A blow job on a golf course. Live chats online. So that Tuesday, we were texting about what was next. What could we possibly do next to take our sex life to the next level? What could we do to bring our relationship to the next level? It was taboo. It was a secret. It was a crazy idea. But we did it. We joined a swinging site that Tuesday.

The Couple That Caught Our Eye

The messaging started immediately. It was hot. Pictures were coming in left and right. Sexy pics were everywhere. And man, were we turned on! The conversations between my husband and myself were incredible. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be looking at profiles with my spouse discussing who we would like to watch the other have sex with. 

Over the next few days, we continued to chat with many people. While there were many couples we were interested in, one specific couple caught our eye. They seemed pretty interested as well, and we started making plans to meet up. My husband and I ended up being in their town for work events, so we already had a hotel booked. How convenient, right? 

They told us they did not play on a first date. I think that is a great rule and we respect it. But we were ready to have our first experience. We have learned that communication is huge in this world, so we were upfront. We did not want to just meet up and have dinner. We wanted to have dinner, and I wanted to have his dick in me. I wanted my husband to be inside her. Well, they did, too.

The Dinner Date

I met my husband at the hotel that Wednesday. We both showered, shaved, and cleaned up. I wore a silky black tank top with no bra on. It was low cut, and my nipples were barely visible through the thin fabric. We drove to the restaurant to meet this couple in silence. I think we did some small talk, but not much. Was I nervous? I think maybe a little, but not as nervous as I thought I would be. 

We walked in and saw them immediately. We hugged and introduced ourselves awkwardly. He was wearing a button-up shirt, and she was in a sundress. Both of them were even better looking in person. I looked at him and thought, “This man is going to fuck me tonight. And my husband will be sucking those big tits later.” We ordered drinks and food, and we really started to jive. They talked to us about this lifestyle. It was a very upfront and raw conversation. We finished our meals, and it got to the end. The conversation started to go awkwardly quiet. He said, “Now, the awkward part of the night — do you guys want to do this? Do you want to go back to the hotel?” Without hesitation, my husband and I both said, “Yes.”

Now We Were REALLY Hungry

They followed us to our tiny hotel room. We discussed our boundaries and rules, and I told the man to take the lead. And did he ever take the lead! He grabbed my waist and pulled me toward him, his mouth hungrily on mine. He sat on the bed, and I stood in front of him. She walked over to my husband, who was sitting on the other side of the bed. She started kissing him softly. He took control of me and laid me forcefully down on the bed. He was on top of me, grinding and kissing me. He pulled my shirt up and rubbed and sucked my tits. I could feel his massive erection under his pants. I looked over and saw that she was in nothing but her underwear, and my husband was doing the same thing to her. Good. 

He slid my shirt over my head and my pants off, leaving my panties on. He moved them over and slid his fingers in me. I was wet, so his fingers slid in and out very easily. I was a bit lost in the moment, but I do believe my husband was now fingering her. He took the rest of his clothes off, and we were hot and heavy. 

I grabbed his cock and stroked it. He went down on me while she was sucking my husband’s dick. I got up so I could do the same to her husband. I sucked his dick hard. He grabbed me again. Forcefully, yet gentle. He kept asking if I was okay with a grin on his face. I told him that I was, and he started kissing me again. My panties fell off. I was now on top of him, sliding his dick right inside of me. He was not penetrating me yet; I was just slowly riding him. I put my hand behind my back and jacked him off as he was sliding in and out of the outside of my pussy. My husband was in the same position as him. He was on his back, and she was now on top of him. I reached over with my other hand and jacked him off as he was grinding on her. I rose up so I could take all of his cock in, and I slowly started fucking him. I used my hand to guide my husband’s cock inside of her.

So, at this point, we were all fucking. Kissing. Hungry. He grabbed my nipples. Sucked them. We were both riding our men. Okay, not our men, but each other’s men. She and I started rubbing each other’s tits, and then we were full-blown making out. This was a first for me. We were kissing hard. Passionately. My husband and I were feeling up the same chick. My husband was feeling up two women at a time. Hands were everywhere. She started to suck my tits. I was really hoping this was making my husband even harder. 

Now, there were hands and tongues everywhere as we were riding the men hard. She put her attention back on my husband, and I focused back on my guy. I was riding hard. So was she. My husband came all inside of her. I started to ride him in a way I know gets me off. I came. In one swift movement, he picked me up and flipped me over so he was now on top of me. He asked where he could cum and started fucking me hard. Hard. My fingers were digging into his back as he fucked me harder and harder. I looked over, and she was still slowly riding my husband. My husband was watching as he came inside of me. Undeniably. She looked over with a smile on her face and watched him slide out of me and back in one more time. I put my hand on my husband. I love the shit out of that man. 

We cleaned up, and they left. I couldn’t stop giggling. We both agreed — it was great! With us both being turned on, the night ended with another dick inside of me — my husband’s. How could fucking other people make us so much closer?! Love it. So, one week and one day after deciding to try this lifestyle, I think we have found a new hobby.